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Robert Woeger is a Christian minister, prophetic evangelist, and author, active in Internet Evangelism since 1995.

God called Robert Woeger to Deliver Hope to a Lost and Dying World and Set People Free to fulfill their God-birthed Destiny.

Robert Woeger believes and trusts in The Supernatural Power Of God.

God's Words are life, to those that find them, and health to all their flesh.
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Robert believes God works miracles. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the greatest miracle a person can receive.

Robert Woeger's favorite quote about God: "I am nothing, He is everything!"

Robert Woeger is interested in various areas of Christianity, including God's Power, Bible Promises, Faith, The Holy Spirit, God's Presence, Healing, Evangelism, God's Glory, Prophecy, Prayer, and Deliverance.
Jody Woeger
Robert Woeger is married to Jody Woeger, a prophetic intercessor, who loves God with all of her heart. Robert Woeger's Books
Robert Woeger is the author of many writings and books, including the Free Christian Book titled GOD, available on Amazon in Kindle Format, on Apple iBooks, and as PDF.